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Care for your 925 Sterling Silver

Care for your 925 Sterling Silver

The collection of 925 Sterling Silver in our store is stated of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, of which a norms material used for silver jewelry. As a result, long period of usage, silver may tarnish/discoloration due to its metal mixed in. But it does not mean that it has a low grade. It is the result of copper on it. Therefore, it may create tarnish or any discoloration may appear as it reacts easily to sweat, perfume, or any contact with either cosmetics and detergent. Nonetheless, regular care with your jewelry can slow down in tarnishing and it will always look as BRAND NEW!

We advise our customers to put your jewelry on after applying make up and remove it before showering or exercising. Avoid in crash and contact with chemicals, and always put on a jewelry box. After wearing it, use a polish cloth or tissue and gently clean off. Every piece of our 925 Sterling Silver comes with a polish cloth for you to maintain your piece as shine as it sparkle.

925 Sterling Silver is a value budget friendly alternative to platinum or white gold. A precious fine piece for every woman without breaking their wallets.

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